Look Up!


Today I went walking. I find it is really important to spend some time alone, to hear my own thoughts, my own  soul’s deepest yearnings. I ask myself deep questions….I silently and attentively listen for answers whispered….

….that’s how they often come.  Today miraculously and exactly on time I heard something wash over me saying “Look up!” I am so glad the silence and quietness of my mind, allowed my soul to understand. This is what I saw, when I gazed through the mossy covered oak trees, this gorgeous spring morning. It was brilliant, it was God. It was a message “Keep going! Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.” That can go for you too, dear reader….sometimes you just have to look up or you might miss something. Don’t give up on your dreams. You were born for it.

-Wanderology Girl

2 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. Ahhh wise words!! I often find myself looking up – it’s a visual perspective that we don’t normally take as people in this world, and I know it does wonders for my mental perspective in turn. We should all do it. It just makes you slow down and think right? Have you ever looked up and seen something unbearably funny?


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