#LiftOthersUp Campaign

America needs to find it’s heart again. I need to always be anxiously engaged in a good cause. That is how I can make America great again. My new cause is to lift others up….

    Won’t you join me in my new cause. Post something inspiring, share a story of heartfelt service you or somebody else has done, post a quote that elevates the human soul. Post some positive news story, give somebody some public encouragement. Do something kind for a stranger, a friend, a relative  and share about it.
    Often kindness is best left annonymous, but what the world needs to SEE right now is citizens  “Lifting Others Up”. We need the world to know that is who we are. Everyone is fighting a hard battle… let’s go “Lift Others Up”.
     I don’t have enough Facebook followers to really get a campaign like this off the ground. Yet, I know you all do. So won’t you join me to see how far we can carry this message? 
Please share something to “Lift” someone today and hashtag it #LiftOthersUp  

    I love you all! Even if we have very opposing differences, that is okay, I will still Lift You Up! You have a friend in me. 
    Here is what YOU can do right now. Use the picture at the top for your Facebook cover. Share this post, then start sharing posts, in any form you would like, that show you intend to Lift Others Up! Let’s flood the Net with good will. Make sure to hashtag them. #LiftOthersUp

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