The Story of the Seashell Necklace….


The story of my seashell necklace is a tale of the generosity, and kindness, in this charming, greek, community. This is such a sweet, seaside, “village” feeling town. I wandered in a charming gift shop called “Cute as a Button Boutique” the manager welcomed me with  this seashell necklace, and  walked me around this neat little store, showing me their unique collection of sea coral. Even an amazing blue coral. Wander somewhere new….it will breathe life back into your exsistence.

-Wanderology Girl

Spent Time Along the Sponge Docks….


I had a fabulous week spending some time in this little part of the world.There is  so much life and passion, the sponge divers have such an amazing local trade, and the bakeries will not disappoint. My only warning there is, if you’re sharing your greek canoli with someone else…you will be fighting over the fork. I had such great experiences with shop owners, and restaurants, I can’t wait to share the whole story on my blog. Tarpon Springs the whole adventure on it’s way! Where will you wander dear reader?

-Wanderology Girl

Got Shells? Anclote Island

  • IMG_20150417_232810

So excited for tomorrow. I’m going on The Dolphin Cruise plus Beach Excursion, in the Gulf town of Tarpon Springs . I hope to see some dolphins tomorrow. I get to diembark on Anclote Island and search for seashells. Shelling is always a relaxing challenge I love to take. The opportunity is fabulous to get up close and personal with Florida wildlife. They even allow swimming off the island. This is one occassion not to forget a camera. More adventures from Tarpon Spring’s on the way!

-Wanderology Girl