I Wandered into Heaven…Oops! I mean Seaside Florida


As I mentioned in my previous post, we need to strive to find out what our real dreams are… and then try ( my strongest virtue) to do them. It doesn’t mean we will always succeed, but if we don’t try, we will never know how far we could have wandered. When you open yourself up for opportunity, it seems to come to you. Stay open, good thing’s are headed your way. I was invited by a friend to stay  in Seaside Florida. An opportunity to wander too good to pass up.

I  surely felt I had died and went to Heaven when I arrived in Seaside, to stay in an adorable cottage by the sea. It’s a small little town with everything within walking distance. Another famous mode of transportation is bike rentals.


It feels like a step back in time, to innocence and charm. Did I mention the beautiful cobblestone streets? They are lined with colorful cottages. So quaint with picket fences.


The front porches are to die for. A cozy, breezy place to enjoy breakfast and read local events. Like concerts and activities right in town square.


There is so much character in this little town. As I began to unwind and relax, I took an easy wander down these narrow little fairytale streets. They transport you into the most quaint center of town. It seemed like what life in a perfect world would feel like. The yummy cafes and restaurants tickle your taste buds. Treat yourself to some delicious gelato, or enjoy a snack from one of many lunch trucks.


I spotted some amazing places to do some souvenir shopping in boutiques that lined the market.


I bought a sweet T shirt with the motto of this little slice of Heaven on it. I think of Seaside and my memories of this astonishing place every time I wear it. The motto here is ” A simple, beautiful, life.” I certainly can’t argue with that.


When you wander down the steep incline of mounds of sugary, white, soft, sand and sea-grass, you find yourself gazing at waters, so crystal blue, you would think your in the Caribbean. The view is magnificent, breathtaking, beyond what I had imagined. This is a little jewel of a place.


Shopping is fabulous, food is wonderful. Historical facts so interesting. Like “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey was filmed there. You can recognize some places from the movie. In early spring it can be chilly in the morning. Just grab a sweater and hot cup of herbal tea and head to the beach for some real tranquility.FB_IMG_1425415612296

http://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g34624-Seaside_Florida-Vacations.html. You can rent a sweet little cottage for as little as $149 a night. There are multiple rental companies in the area.

All I can say to sum up this magical little place is…. You must wander here sometime, and I promise you will be jumping for Joy! Live your dreams! Don’t just be a good starter of your wishes, be a good finisher!  Where will Wanderology Girl wander next…follow me to find out.