Healthy Travel Tips


These are some of my stay healthy travel tips! I use a sonic toothbrush and a 2 min. Sand timer. I do squats and brush my teeth the whole 2 mins the timer is running. I finish by flossing and using a natural lipbalm. I also found this Vitamin e stick, that I just love! You can use it on lips, wrinkles, lines, and to heal irritations. It’s easy to keep a good, healthy, morning routine, even as you wander. Where will you wander?

-Wanderology Girl


The Mona Lisa Smile


Welcome to my Blog Wanderology it’s all about wandering into all kinds of things. From art & travel, to thoughts & hearts. Just recently I was wandering through some history books about Leonardo Da Vinci. When you study the life of one who is so talented, so gifted, so extraordinary, one pauses to think, “There must be something I do well.” Maybe it hasn’t been wandered into yet? Hmmm?

As I was reading about the great master piece he painted of the Mona Lisa. I was quiet amused and even plunged into my deepest curiosities, about this woman in the painting. I am not the first and surely won’t be the last to ask….what Leonardo himself questioned…..“Is she smiling at you? Or Is she smiling with you?” Now that is something to let your thoughts tickle.I assume if she is smiling with me….she knows I’m smiling at the beauty within her. But if she is smiling at me ….maybe she’s smiling at the beauty within me. All I know for sure, is letting yourself be open, like the golden gate bridge, or the doors of an elevator, you will find yourself wandering into some pleasant serendipity. So what is it dear reader? Look closely. Is she smiling with you…or is she smiling at you?  –Wanderology Girl Continue reading