#LiftOthersUp Campaign

America needs to find it’s heart again. I need to always be anxiously engaged in a good cause. That is how I can make America great again. My new cause is to lift others up….

    Won’t you join me in my new cause. Post something inspiring, share a story of heartfelt service you or somebody else has done, post a quote that elevates the human soul. Post some positive news story, give somebody some public encouragement. Do something kind for a stranger, a friend, a relative  and share about it.
    Often kindness is best left annonymous, but what the world needs to SEE right now is citizens  “Lifting Others Up”. We need the world to know that is who we are. Everyone is fighting a hard battle… let’s go “Lift Others Up”.
     I don’t have enough Facebook followers to really get a campaign like this off the ground. Yet, I know you all do. So won’t you join me to see how far we can carry this message? 
Please share something to “Lift” someone today and hashtag it #LiftOthersUp  

    I love you all! Even if we have very opposing differences, that is okay, I will still Lift You Up! You have a friend in me. 
    Here is what YOU can do right now. Use the picture at the top for your Facebook cover. Share this post, then start sharing posts, in any form you would like, that show you intend to Lift Others Up! Let’s flood the Net with good will. Make sure to hashtag them. #LiftOthersUp

Fall Wardrobe Capsule… Lessons From French Women

I just love the fall. It reminds me how everything deserves time to slow down and rest. That if you are weary you can let go and if you worn out you can cozy up in comfort.  

One of my favorite ideas that is trending is the wardrobe capsule.The French Women have a monopoly on this idea. I will admit I have played around with this idea for a few years now. This is what I have learned….

1   Find your style first. How do you know?  Easy! Are you childlike, bubbly, and playful; shabby chic, feminme, and romantic; a bombshell, bohemian, or trendy; or are you classic, sleek, and sophisticated? 

There are many books and online tests to help define your look.

2. Clean it all out. You know what I mean, pull everything out and start sorting. My only rules for this are as follows, you have to absolutely  love what you keep, it has to be in great condition, and it has to fit. The rest can be donated or recycled. Consignment shops are great too.

3. Buy new hangers. I love the flat velvet ones. Then my clothes don’t slip off, and you can cleanly store a lot in a small space.

4. Hang clothing in categories shirts, pants, skirts, jackets,and dresses. Hang them in he rainbow pattern ROYGBIV.

5. Set aside a space to hang your capsule for the season. It should be about 3 feet wide with a top and bottom rack. You can choose tops, bottoms, jackets, and dresses. The idea is to keep it small. I tried project 333 and I just never could fit my accessories  and shoes inot the number 33. So I usually choose about 35 iteams of clothing and I add 5 pair of shoes. So 40 is my magic #. I do not put a limit on accessories, I consider them essential  to stretching a capsule wardrobe.

6   Now look through your closet and pick out 5 favorites for fall. These are your signiture pieces.Or these can be your new Trendy pieces.  All the rest will be chosen to complement or enhance your favorite 5 pieces . 

I love looking forward to each season when I get to shop my closet and build my capsule. I usually buy 3 trendy items for my capsule each season. I also make myself get rid of something for every item new I buy. It keeps down the clutter.

 Simplicity is the way of the French women. They don’t overindulge, just discriminate in quality when they shop. Lessons to learn: keep it simple, use neutrals a lot, buy quality not quantity, and wear what you love! 

There you have it! Capsule Wardrobing 101. Now go shop your closet and get ready for a charming fall!

-Wanderology Girl

    Moon Gazing….

    Last night was glorious. The wind gently blew as a perfectly cool and wispy breeze through my hair. I one eye squinting gazed through the long lens to capture her. There she was the beauty I have been waiting for for many weeks now. Lady Moon so magical so mysterious so crisp floating among the dust stormy looking clouds. She really knows how to shine and put on a show for her anxious fans on earth below. How many nights she has ruled the night? How many lives has she graced with her subtle light? How much wisdom she shares in taking her place so still and calm among an explosion of twinkly lights. Oh Lady Moon, you truly are a Super Moon tonight. 

    The Story of the Seashell Necklace….


    The story of my seashell necklace is a tale of the generosity, and kindness, in this charming, greek, community. This is such a sweet, seaside, “village” feeling town. I wandered in a charming gift shop called “Cute as a Button Boutique” the manager welcomed me with  this seashell necklace, and  walked me around this neat little store, showing me their unique collection of sea coral. Even an amazing blue coral. Wander somewhere new….it will breathe life back into your exsistence.

    -Wanderology Girl

    Get a Guru……


    Loved this amazing little hand made  soap shop in Tarpon Springs. A super groovey place to buy some yummy scented soaps. The shop claims to make the soap the way it has been made for thousands of years. They describe the process of using herbs and oils from all over the world. Then hand mixing them magically,then pouring into molds, and  covering the soap with a blanket for 6 weeks. This is an aromatic experience you don’t want to miss in this lively little town.My favorite was Rose and Tangerine.

    -Wanderology Girl

    You Must Become Part of the Sea…..


    I love to slow down and take time to really enjoy the seaside when I visit there. Trips can feel rushed….and I miss being in touch with the beauties of mother nature. Being still by the sea is a great form of calming the mind and bringing peace to the soul. If you are by the sea….you must become part of the sea to feel it’s healing power.

    -Wanderology Girl

    Spent Time Along the Sponge Docks….


    I had a fabulous week spending some time in this little part of the world.There is  so much life and passion, the sponge divers have such an amazing local trade, and the bakeries will not disappoint. My only warning there is, if you’re sharing your greek canoli with someone else…you will be fighting over the fork. I had such great experiences with shop owners, and restaurants, I can’t wait to share the whole story on my blog. Tarpon Springs the whole adventure on it’s way! Where will you wander dear reader?

    -Wanderology Girl

    Got Shells? Anclote Island

    • IMG_20150417_232810

    So excited for tomorrow. I’m going on The Dolphin Cruise plus Beach Excursion, in the Gulf town of Tarpon Springs . I hope to see some dolphins tomorrow. I get to diembark on Anclote Island and search for seashells. Shelling is always a relaxing challenge I love to take. The opportunity is fabulous to get up close and personal with Florida wildlife. They even allow swimming off the island. This is one occassion not to forget a camera. More adventures from Tarpon Spring’s on the way!

    -Wanderology Girl